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Photo Credit: Cecilia Bailey


I start each day with this thought
A thought filled with a smile which can't be bought
The smile holds so many things
Something that can give others pleasure
Not pain.

I give you my smile and I hope it makes your day
I just hope you will return it without any delay
And when your smile arrives I will keep it close to my heart
I will always cherish it forever
Gift wrapped with love
That's the best part.


Photo Credit: Cecilia Bailey


Looking through the venetian blinds
I see silhouettes of trees behind a light that
Darkness covers a scenery so black
Two headlights moving along an invisible

I search through a window that reflects the image of reality
It comforts my nights with it's feeling of


Photo Credit: Cecilia Bailey



If ever there should be a doubt
In your mind or in your heart
It is not what we want to feel
For it just becomes real.

And when it is felt it is a feeling like no other
Something that none else can discover
So many emotions flow like a river
So many destinations but it will connect
somehow together.

To show you what hides beneath the kindred soul
Is only a depth beyond what now unfolds
It is not what we see nor is it what we do
It is an image that is created thru one heart
that is true.


Another year passes
and another year is on it's way.
Together we share memories
of yesterday and today.

For I have always been truly blessed
not for what I have, but what others have given to me.
A thought, a smile, that comforts somehow within thee.

God bless your family
from my heart to yours.
May it be filled with love
and the strength that will always conquer.




What is this definition to this word we all can
relate to
This thing called love
Can we ever express it's depth with a form
that truly fits its identity and its value placed
highly above?

What is this four letter word we seem to use
on a daily basis?
Should we use it out of context or do we find
it in a hidden oasis?
For me to give true light to the meaning of
this word can be well defined
Just like the sun rises it brings us warmth and
gives us sunshine.

Like the rain can give life growth
A foundation must always have a host
To feel what we build is a tower higher than
any sky
To climb that tower together is the ultimate
but we must first learn how to try.

Love is full of many depths and emotions
It can be expressed without hesitation
How do we know what we feel is real??
The proof is in the heart
Genuinely real.




The windows are now open to welcome a new day
A mysterious transformation the night took I must

From the darkest color fills the skies with a lighter
Covered with a mist of fog or a lil dew

Clouds floating by thru a background of blue
What will become of today?
What does it hold for me and you?

Welcome this day whatever it will be
And hope that it brings joy unto you and unto me.


Photo Credit: Cecilia BaileyA room full of emptiness and a thought crosses my mind
I let a form take shape, it holds
not one but two, in sync and in time.

Silhouettes dance together thru an imaginary background that's hue
I let my dreams carry me far away
til I reach you
Music fills the quiet and distilled atmosphere
A haze, a whisper, a touch that draws me near.

A still reflection of your smile
One that you have never worn in a while
The image fills my soul with glee
For every time I look at you I somehow find me.

I welcome you to my heart
Nurture it and it will never part
Let me apply this love to you
ike a fine art, creative and new

Let me love, let me kiss, let me take away your
pain that shifts
Forever I will always love you
Never letting go of these fellings that flow thru.

Here's to you from me
Here's my love, my life, my heart, my soul, my body.


Photo Credit: Cecilia Bailey


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